Are Rebel Wilson Parents Famous? Know About Her Mother Sue Bownds

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is a versatile Australian entertainer, encompassing roles in acting, comedy, writing, singing, and producing. Rebel Wilson graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2003.

In a region where dog handling isn’t common, Sue Bownds might receive curious reactions when sharing her work with dogs. Sue Bownds boasts an impressive four-decade career in her field, coupled with her involvement in hosting dog shows.

In this article, we dive into more than just Sue Bownds being Rebel Wilson’s mother. We provide comprehensive information about her background, age, profession, net worth, and more.

Who is Rebel Wilson?

Who is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson had already made a name for herself as a beloved comedian and actress in Australia before taking her unique brand of humor to the United States. Her career in Australia included successful roles in television comedies like “Pizza,” “The Wedge,” and the renowned “Bogan Pride”.

In 2007, she made her first appearance in an American production with a small role in “Ghost Rider”. However, it was in 2011 when Hollywood truly recognized her talent. She secured a role in the popular film “Bridesmaids,” where her portrayal of Brynn, the main character’s roommate, stole the show and garnered widespread attention.

Since then, Rebel Wilson has graced the screen in various films, including “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “Bachelorette,” “Cats,” and the “Pitch Perfect” franchise. Additionally, she lent her voice to a character in the animated film “Ice Age: Continental Drift.”

Rebel Wilson’s Early Life

Rebel Wilson, originally named Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, was born on March 2nd, 1980, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her mother, who initially aimed for a career in mathematics, later pursued studies in Law and Arts at the University of New South Wales.

Rebel adopted her unique name, a naming choice also embraced by at least two of her siblings: a sister known as “Annarchi” and a brother who goes by “Ryot”. Ryot, alongside the third Wilson sister Liberty, participated in the first season of the reality TV show The Amazing Race.

Rebel Wilson, while a student at the Australian Theater for Young People, earned an international study scholarship from them. This scholarship allowed her to travel to the United States, where she studied with Second City Improv.

Personal Life

During the summer of 2011, around the same period she was making her move to the United States, Rebel Wilson entered into an endorsement agreement with the Australian branch of the weight loss brand Jenny Craig.

She shared with the media that she had successfully shed 22 pounds while on the program. Interestingly, she mentioned that she would have continued losing more weight if it weren’t for the Pitch Perfect film series producers, who mandated that she maintain her weight.

In 2020, Rebel Wilson opened up further about this experience, revealing in an interview with The Sun that her job sometimes required her to maintain a larger size, which could have a psychological impact. By early 2013, it was confirmed that she had ended her association with Jenny Craig in 2012.

During her time in Hollywood, from September 2012 until around 2015, Rebel Wilson reportedly shared a residence with fellow actor and comedian Matt Lucas.

Who is Sue Bownds?


Sue earned the nickname “Nangunyah” from her parents due to her being a fourth-generation dog enthusiast. Her great-grandparents were dog judges who migrated from England to New Zealand, reflecting her family’s longstanding connection with dogs. Sue’s affection for animals, particularly dogs, has always run deep.

Sue appears to be in a relationship with an unnamed individual, and it’s probable that they are now married. The exact start date of their relationship is unknown.

Sue was previously married to Jack Bounds, who sadly passed away in the middle of 2010. She and Jack tied the knot in 1976, although some records suggest they might have married in 1961.

What Work Does Rebel Wilson Mother Sue Bownds Do?

Sue Bownds is not only the renowned mother of Rebel Wilson but also a registered and professional dog handler. Her expertise spans nearly four decades, with a career in the field dating back to 1980. Over the years, she has garnered numerous accolades and has been a prominent figure in the world of dog shows.

Who is Rebel Wilson’s Father?

Mr. Wilson, in addition to her mother’s involvement with dogs, also had a profession as a dog trainer. Sadly, her father passed away during the production of the comedian’s TV show “Super Fun Night.”

It’s worth noting that the parents of many well-known and celebrated celebrities originate from Australia.

Are Rebel Wilson Parents Famous

Rebel Wilson is indeed an Australian actress, writer, and producer, renowned for her notable roles in films like “Bridesmaids,” “Pitch Perfect,” and “How to Be Single”. It’s worth mentioning that her parents are not famous in the entertainment industry.


In conclusion, Rebel Wilson’s parents have played a supportive role in her career and life. They are known for their strong work ethic and a shared sense of humor, contributing to her journey in the entertainment world.

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