CCL 2023 Points Table: View LIVE Standings for the Celebrity Cricket League

Let’s discuss the sixth CCL 2023 game. People all have their favorite teams, and these incredible teams are now prepared to compete against one another on the playground. Yes, we are referring to the CCL 2023 encounter between the Bengal Tigers and Telugu Warriors. This game was excellent and enjoyable.

The thrilling encounter captivated the crowd. Both sides were prepared with their styles after doing well in the last match, which enthralled the crowd. The upcoming match between the Telugu Warriors and Bengal Tigers was eagerly anticipated by the crowd. A lot of fun will be had during the upcoming game.

CCL 2023 Points Table

CCL 2023 Points Table

With 4 points and a net run date of 2.229, the Telgu warriors rise to the top of the leaderboard. On February 25, they moved after their eight-wicket victory over the Bengal Tigers in Jaipur. Bengal, on the other hand, is sixth on the table and has not yet made a championship appearance.

As far as we are aware, the Warriors and Tigers played a game. Given that both teams had an equal chance of victory, it was a competitive event. Jishu Sengupta contributed 83 runs and helped the Bengal team set a lofty goal of 115 for the Warriors to chase, therefore he was at the top of his game.

The football teams were prepared to shock their opponents with spectacular plays during the game. They’ll play the game and enhance the enjoyment for their supporters. Fans are incredibly eager to enjoy the game. Fans prepared and held their breath to watch the game because both teams were exceptional and great. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with accurate information about the match’s date, time, location, scoreboard, lineup, prediction, and other details. Continue with the article.

Where to Watch CCL 2023 on TV Channel?

Zee Anmol Cinema – Hindi

& Pictures – English

Zee Thirai – Tamil

Zee Cinemalu – Telugu

Zee Picchar – Kannada

Flowers TV – Malayalam

PTC Punjabi – Punjabi

Zee Bangla Cinema – Bangla

Zee Biskope – Bhojpuri

Nevertheless, the Warriors’ Ashwish Babu and Akhil Akkineni start off strong. The pair performed outstandingly to ensure that the Warriors reached their goal with as many as 11 balls remaining. beginning of the day. The Dabanngs are prepared for their match against Trivandrum on March 5.

The Warriors, who are currently leading the standings, will next square off against Sonu Sood’s Punjab De Sher. Fans anticipate that the next encounter will be just as exciting as the last one. Prepare yourselves, fans, to enjoy the match on March 5. Watch this space for additional developments.

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