Top 10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers In The World [Updated 2023]

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) requires its performers to be quite giant with a towering posture to dethrone the opponent with ease.

However, there is nothing in the ring that can be done with ease,  but it is preferred to have an ideal physique while competing at WWE as the tallest WWE wrestlers have the advantage to a certain extent. While some wrestlers possess giant bodies, others have tall figures to balance their masses. 

With every passing generation, people are also getting drawn into fitness, which validates why we see men of different sizes and shapes in the WWE.

They have already captivated our minds by creating lasting impressions. But we cannot say that a person’s structure is the only factor that gives them fame, but also their unique personality. But neither personality can alone let them win the title.

In short, a person needs to be big enough like the tallest WWE wrestler, Giant Gonzalez. But it is impossible for everyone to have a height of a whopping 8ft.  Anyway, let’s see who are the top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers in the world.         

List Of Top 10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers In The World – 2023

  1. Giant Gonzalez
  2. Andre The Giant
  3. Omos
  4. Giant Silva
  5. The Great Khali
  6. Big Cass
  7. Big Show
  8. Kurrgan
  9. Kane
  10. Kevin Nash
Ranking Wrestler Name Height (In Feet)
1 Giant Gonzalez 8ft
2 Andre The Giant 7ft 4”
3 Omos 7ft 3”
4 Giant Silva 7ft 2”
5 The Great Khali 7ft 1”
6 Big Cass 7ft
7 Big Show 7ft
8 Kurrgan 7ft
9 Kane 7ft
10 Kevin Nash 6ft 11”

Being a wrestler ain’t a cinch. You have to shed your blood and sweat continuously on and off the ring and that requires strength. That is one of the potential reasons why mostly all of the WWW icons are gigantic beings. They might either be massive or tall, which induces the question, who is the tallest wrestler in 2023? 

10. Kevin Nash – 6ft 11”

In the realm of professional wrestling, you must have never seen a true giant like Kevin Nash. he enjoyed a fruitful career ever since he hopped into the ring in the 1990s. WCW was never enough for him as the saga created his own path to WWE in the 2000s. 

Kevin Nash is a retired professional wrestler who also enjoyed being an actor for a while. However, his unrivaled popularity is the result of the time he spent wrestling on both Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). 

Kevin Nash

Soon after he gained exposure in professional wrestling in his early stage, Nash was immediately signed for WWF, now WWE. He also adopted a more suitable name “Diesel” or “Big Daddy Cool,” while in the ring. 

The 63-year-old Michigan native has defeated many of his opponents and most probably his height of 6ft 11” has contributed enough to his success. 

9. Kane – 7ft

Glenn Thomas Jacobs aka Kane is an astounding WWE wrestler who stands 7ft tall. Over his 20 years of wrestling career, Kane has proved that there has been no other intimidating wrestler like him before.

WWE fans were quick to accept him since he made his wrestling debut in 1997. The fan-favorite wrestler is often looked up to for his skill as well as his personality.  

But at the first glance, you might think he is quite scary as he is often misjudged by his appearance. There is actually a lot more to explore about Kane. he is a versatile wrestler and his body is open to quick response. You can always support him because Kane makes sure the trophy is in his pocket. 


You might have noticed before that Kane is precisely good with a chokeslam, indeed, he is better known for that move that gives a visual treat to anyone watching it.

Unlike any other wrestler, Kane comes up with his own unique moves that the opponent must have never expected, not even in his bare dreams. That coupled with his height and weight makes him one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. 

8. Kurrgan – 7ft

Perhaps the current generation might not know who Robert Maillet, aka, Kurrgan, as the 7ft tall saga was better known in the wrestling field during the late 90s. This makes him one of the tallest WWE wrestlers of all time.

During his tenure, Kurrgan was a member of The Oddities and The Truth Commission. 

More than his victories, Maillet’s presence in the ring is more adored by his fans. Among the fanatics, he is known for his signature moves, agility, and strength. But one thing that makes him stand out from the rest of the wrestlers is that Maillet is an actor.


He has been renowned in the film industry and has appeared in a series of high-profile flicks like Hercules, Sherlock Holmes, Pacific Rim, and others. 

Right after Maillet made his acting debut, the audience immediately spotted his talent, and he quickly became one of the sought-after stars in the industry.

Simply put, Maillet is an incredible human being who has made himself proud by being impressive both in the wrestling world and in Hollywood. 

7. Big Show – 7ft

Big Show is another wrestler who is 7ft tall. More than anything, the phenomenal WWE wrestler was better known for his impressive size and towering height. Although wrestling has seen wrestlers taller than him, it doesn’t make 7ft any shorter.

During his career in WWE, he became a part of several matches and won countless titles. Although one sight of him was more than enough to defeat his opponent, he usually wins appropriately by making the necessary moves.

No matter what, he never compromised with his athleticism in the ring. No matter how much he is triggered by the opposite party, he always makes sure that nothing happens out of the plan. 

Big Show

But it is definitely his contribution that has led him to stand next to all the other great wrestlers.

Although Big Show is not present in the current wrestling scenario, he has left a long-standing impact on his fans who still consider him one of the best wrestlers of all time. Besides being the best, Big Show is also one of the tallest wrestlers in the world. 

6. Big Cass – 7ft

The WWE wrestler, William Morrissey, who is also known as Big Cass, stands at 7 ft tall, which is impressive, especially in his profession, and undeniably, this makes him one of the tallest wrestlers in the world. 

Before being selected for WWE, he was paired with Enzo Amore, another WWE superstar for 4 years until 2017. Prior to that, Big Cass was in an independent wrestling circuit.

Big Cass

But his big break came after he moved to WWE, and one of his landmark moments in the show emerged when he engaged in a legendary battle with wrestling champ, Big Show. 

Despite having numerous setbacks in life, Big Cass is one of the fan favorites and his performance in the ring has contributed much to his popularity. When that is coupled with his imposing stature, he becomes outstanding.  

Over the years, Big Cass has been sticking to the list of the top 10 tallest wrestlers and there have been the least newcomers in WWE who are taller than him.

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5. The Great Khali – 7ft 1”

You must be living under a rock if the name of The Great Khali didn’t give you goosebumps. There are a few wrestlers in this list of the tallest WWE wrestlers, who only look giant but are kids with hearts. The Great Khali is one such wrestler who has not let go of his inner child so far. 

Recently, a video went viral on Instagram where Khali is seen singing “Happy Birthday” to John Cena, who was smiling at him from the ring. Although rare, there have been plenty of cherishable moments in the history of WWE and that was one such from our beloved, Khali. 

The Great Khali

Standing at a jaw-dropping 7 feet 1 inch tall, Khali is one of the nicest wrestlers in WWE. He became a fan favorite right after he made his debut in 2006.

Of course, his size and strength were two of the major reasons why people got instantly attracted to him.

Besides winning the World Heavyweight Championship, he also faces big names such as Triple H, John Cena, and Randy Orten, in the ring. 

4. Giant Silva – 7 ft 2” 

Paula Cesar da Silva got his nickname Giant Silva after revealing his gigantic figure as a mixed martial artist and a professional wrestler.

Apart from being giant, Giant Silva is also tall as he is more popular among the WWE audience as the tall guy rather than the giant guy. After all, being the fourth tallest wrestler in WWE is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, how tall is Giant Silva? 

Giant Silva

Giant Silva stands tall at 7 feet 2 inches, taller than all of the wrestlers mentioned thus far. He initially joined WWE as a professional heel faction named the Nation of domination’s member. But shortly after, he formed a tag team.

Despite being both big and tall, he couldn’t make the most of his capacity as he often competed in low-level matches. As a result, he failed to bring much success to his career. But regardless of all these things, he is still a memorable wrestler who has caught the attention of many with his towing height. 

3. Omos – 7ft 3” 

Omos, whose real name is Tolulope Omogbehin is popular as one of the tallest wrestlers of all time with a breathtaking height of 7 feet and 3 inches. Besides possessing an impressive size, Omos also has undeniable strength which makes him one of the top WWE wrestlers. 


Although he has barely completed two years in the company, he has already been a part of a number of the biggest WWE matches. If his unmatched determination and imposing physique are something to go by, then we can expect him to take over all the existing wrestling behemoths in no time. 

He has already been the fan favorite in a short time and is certainly a promising wrestler. 

2. Andre The Giant – 7ft 4” 

Meet Andre The Giant, the popular French professional wrestler and actor. With a height of 7 feet 4 inches, it was not a big deal for him to occupy a special place in the history of WWE.

He became a household name after he debuted in the 1960s. But he was quicker in establishing himself in WWE shortly after he made his entry in WWE in the 1970s. 

Andre The Giant

Can you imagine someone, who looks giant, yet is witty by character? Well, Andre is one such wrestler who is popular for his character more than his taller physique.

Sadly, Andre left for the heavenly residence in 1993, but he is still remembered as one of the finest wrestlers of all time.

His legacy will never fade and neither his name can be erased from the list of the tallest wwe wrestlers in the world as none other than Giant Gonzalez has ever overshadowed this saga in terms of heights. 

1. Giant Gonzalez – 8ft

Giant Gonzalez is the tallest wrestler of all time with an astounding height of 8 feet. Normally, we do not get to see anyone who stands tall at 8ft in our daily lives and that is the reason why people often stare at him whenever he passes by.

During the 90s, he was an absolute giant in the world of wrestling. Except for Gonzalez, there has been no other wrestler who stood at an incredible height of 8 feet in the ring. 

Giant Gonzalez

Gonzalez, who dominated his opponents with his height and size, frequently teams with other enormous wrestlers to showcase his actual strength and potential.

Everybody looks tiny before this human being and that is why he will be forever remembered as one of the massive wrestlers although he didn’t bag any trophies during his wrestling career. 

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Tallest WWE Wrestlers In The World: Conclusion 

WWE has been one of the destinations where gigantic wrestlers of all heights ranging from the 7ft trio, Kurgan, Kane, and Big Feet, to the 8ft giants like Gonzalez. These wrestlers along with the others on the list of the tallest wrestlers in the world have significantly contributed to the hype of the show.

Regardless of whether they have won any major event or not, they are always cherished by WWE fans for their strength and size which have left most of them speechless.