Who is Craig Tester from OAK Island: Bio, Net Worth & More 

Craig Tester is 60 years old. He is an American producer, crew member, and businessman. He’s renowned for his role in ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. Further, he works as a reality show producer.

In addition to his television work, Craig Tester is an engineer. He is specializing in mechanical engineering. He skillfully applies his engineering knowledge to make significant improvements in his oil business.

You can find Craig Tester on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. There he goes by the handle @RealCraigTester. On these platforms, he has gathered a following of 1,386 followers.

How Old is Craig Tester?

How Old is Craig Tester?

Craig Tester took birth on February 16, 1961, in Glendale, California, United States. His parents are Stephanie Castro (mother) and Michael Castro (father).

What is Craig Tester’s Height and Weight?

Craig Tester stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (171 cm). And, he weighs 152 pounds (69 kg). He has grey hair and brown eyes, along with a broad chest and a healthy physique. In terms of his background, Craig Tester holds American nationality and belongs to a White ethnic background. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

What is Craig Tester’s Profession?

Craig Tester was born and raised in Glendale, California. There are no details indicating whether he has siblings. But, he pursued his education after completing high school. He enrolled in engineering studies at Delta Upsilon College.

During his time in college, Craig Tester joined the wrestling team. However, he did not achieve recognition as a wrestler. After completing his education, he ventured into the oil business. There he put his engineering skills to practical use for many years.

Later in his career, Craig Tester gained recognition as a producer on the popular television show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. In this show, he played a prominent role and became one of the main characters. His work on the show contributed to its success and popularity.

Why did Craig Tester Leave Oak Island?

Craig Tester’s son, Drake, tragically passed away due to complications arising from his epileptic episodes. This devastating loss deeply affected Craig Tester. And, it also had an impact on his fellow crew members.

As a result, Craig Tester made the difficult decision to leave the show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. It was to cope with the loss of his son. Plus, he wanted to spend more time with his family during this challenging period.

Who Owns Oak Island Now?

According to sources, Oak Island is primarily owned by the Michigan Group. This is specifically managed by the Lagina brothers.

Is the Oak Island Mystery Solved?

The legend of a buried treasure on Oak Island in Nova Scotia has indeed been a subject of fascination for many. And, various artifacts have been uncovered over time. However, the main treasure that the legend speaks of has remained elusive.

Craig Tester attended college at Michigan Technological University. There he studied mechanical engineering. His friendship with Marty Lagina, with whom he later worked on ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ dates back to the 1970s when they were college roommates.

Who is Craig Tester’s Wife?

Rebecca Tester and Craig Tester got married, celebrating their special day with friends and family without any disagreements. They share a joyful and supportive relationship. Moreover, they stand by each other through both good and challenging times. It’s worth noting that Rebecca had been married before she met Craig.

Does Craig Tester Have Kids?

Craig Tester and his wife Rebecca were proud parents of a son named Drake Maxwell Tester, born on July 17, 2000. Sadly, Drake’s life was cut short due to an accident resulting from one of his seizures. He passed away at the young age of 16 on March 26, 2017.

Drake’s untimely death had a profound impact on his parents. It also impacted the crew of the show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. This is because he had appeared in numerous episodes. It ultimately made him a familiar face to viewers.

In addition to their son, Craig Tester is also the stepfather to two of Rebecca’s children, Jack and Madeline Begley, further highlighting the strong family bonds in their lives.

Sources of Income, Salary

Craig Tester’s Net Worth

Craig Tester is a successful engineer and businessman. He accumulated a substantial net worth primarily through his ventures. He is the founder of Heritage Sustainable Energy.

Plus, he serves as Vice-President of Rock Management Group. His business focuses heavily on renewable energy. It includes wind and solar projects. Furthermore, he currently operates 68 wind turbines in Michigan.

Additionally, Craig Tester found profitability in the television industry by selling shows to the History channel. He initiated ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ in 2014. And, he further launched a spin-off called ‘The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down’ in 2016. Both series have continued to run, contributing to Tester’s net worth.

What is Craig Tester’s Net Worth?

Craig Tester has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 million. It’s primarily from his successful career as a producer and businessman.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Craig Tester is a prominent figure known for his role in the television show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. His career spans both business and entertainment, with successful ventures in renewable energy and television production. Despite the enduring mysteries of Oak Island, Tester’s net worth reflects his achievements in these fields.

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